About Us

Our Philosophy

Just 2 Much 2 Do provides personal assistance and life management services that are dedicated to enriching the quality of life for our clients.

As a result of our own life experiences, we strive to provide an array of customized services to enable our clients to gain control and meet life’s challenges. With the support of our services, we want our clients to gain:

  • peace of mind,
  • have more free time,
  • get access to a support system,
  • and achieve balance.

We know that no two clients are alike because no two people are alike. We all have our own issues that we deal with every day. One size does not fit all! So, our services and prices are customized to fit the needs of our clients.

Meet Our Team

Tracey Miles, Principal, Just 2 Much 2 Do

Tracey Miles is the Founder and President of Just 2 Much 2 Do. Prior to creating Just 2 Much 2 Do, Tracey worked in the corporate world including Unisys Corporation, Independence Blue Cross, and Merck & Company.
As a busy professional, Tracey is very familiar with the difficulties people face each day as they try to strike a work/life balance. As a working mother, Tracey has so many side jobs including caregiver, counselor, tutor, chauffeur, cook, cleaning service and countless others! As a daughter, Tracey is experienced in the balancing act of caring for her elderly mother and her own family. As the sister of a disabled adult, Tracey advocates for her sister’s rights for independence while ensuring her sister receives sufficient supervision to safely live and work.

Having experienced the juggling act of running multiple households, working full-time outside the home, and navigating bureaucratic red-tape, Tracey saw the need for a life management service that assists in reducing the complications and stresses facing so many today. She appreciates that time is a precious commodity but is often in extremely short supply. In addition, Tracey recognized that her experience in obtaining services for the elderly and the disabled would benefit others in similar situations. Tracey’s desire to help people, especially seniors, achieve a better life was her motivation to create Just 2 Much 2 Do.

Just 2 Much 2 Do provides a variety of services to help others in their quest to reduce their stress levels. While there are a number of medical and non-medical home care assistance companies, there aren’t many companies that provide help with the independent activities of daily living such as assistance with bill paying, paperwork management, completion of complicated forms, dealing with benefit providers including Medicare and Social Security, and decluttering your home as an effort to downsize.

Tracey Miles, Owner, Just 2 Much 2 Do

Tracey will speak on the following topics at seminars and events:

  • Downsizing
  • Life Management
  • Planning as You Age
  • Spectrum from Home Care to Care Manager to POA to Guardian

Cheryl holds a degree in Education. She manages projects that require household organization, paperwork organization, money management, and virtual administration. Cheryl is extremely detail oriented which makes her perfect at paying bills for clients, reconciling their bank and investment accounts, monitoring accounts for fraudulent activity, and helping people with their budgets.

Cheryl excels at information research critical to ensuring our clients submit all paperwork that is appropriate and complete in order to receive services in a timely manner. These benefits may include Medicare or Social Security benefits, referrals for medical procedures or insurance claims.


Tom holds degrees in Social Work and in Criminal Justice. Tom retired from 32 years in law enforcement in 2017. Tom now uses his extensive social work and counseling experience in conjunction with his unique problem-solving abilities to refine and improve our crisis intervention and life management services.

Tom enhances our client experience in a female dominated field. Our female clients love the assistance of a guy while our male clients appreciate a male perspective and the opportunity for some male bonding when dealing with their issues.

Tom also provides the muscle when we work with clients who require additional stability walking or getting in and out of vehicles or who need extensive organization when decluttering or downsizing.


During her more than 20 years of working in Nursing Facilities with Care management, Assisted Living Communities,and supporting people still living at home, Marci has worked with clients of all ages with an emphasis on the geriatric population. Her focus is helping people maintain their highest level of independence. 

In addition to focusing on our clients, Marci has experience coordinating with families both near and far, to ensure that clients are properly advocated for and to assure the best possible outcomes for her clients.

Marci can assist people with managing disabilities and health issues, while assessing for necessary services. Some ways that Marci can assist clients is by accompanying them to appointments, applying for benefits, moving services and setting up services to support a client.


Dar joined Just 2 Much 2 Do after a lengthy career in homecare. Her experience with Clients and Families working through the complex system of care available comes also from her personal family experiences.

Just 2 Much 2 Do gives her an opportunity to get behind the scenes in the office administration so look forward to reaching her when you call to answer or research any questions you may have.

Payment Options

We accept various forms of payment to make it easier for our clients:

  • Cash
  • Check
  • Money Order
  • All Major Credit Cards

Checks or money orders should be made out to Just 2 Much 2 Do.


We have a one-hour minimum for all services contracted on an as needed basis.

Costs for any gifts, merchandise, or service requested by client are in addition to the Just 2 Much 2 Do service fee.

There will be a $25.00 fee on all returned checks.

Rates are subject to change without notice.

Additional mileage fees and emergency service charges may apply. These fees will be stated when services are arranged.

We reserve the right to refuse any service that we consider illegal, dangerous, unethical, or immoral. 


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