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Geriatric Care Manager for Connie

Connie was living independently in her home. Her son’s concern led to scheduled weekly visits and assistance. This assistance was crucial in assuring that Connie received the correct care when she fell.

  • Mail Management
  • Bill Paying Assistance
  • Manage Insurance Paperwork
  • Life Management
  • Daily Life Management
  • Health Care Management
  • Chronic Care Management Services
  • Companion Care Services for Seniors

Connie was 80 years old and still living independently in the home where she raised her children. She had friends. She went to church. She had neighbors who kept an eye on her. Despite being asked many times, Connie did not want to relocate to her son in Texas. Her son was very concerned that something would happen to his mother. However, he respected her wishes with the condition that she have someone check on her weekly, assist with doctor’s appointments, assist with bill paying and make sure the household ran smoothly. Because of this oversight, we knew immediately when Connie had fallen and hurt herself. Despite the fact that she didn’t remember striking her head, it was evident that something was amiss.  We took her to the emergency room, informed the doctors, insisted on CT Scans because of the loss of hearing and change of mental state that we were seeing and waited with her until her son arrived.  Because of our knowledge of Connie, the ER staff did not see an elderly, disoriented, 80 year old.  They saw an 80 year old woman who, up until the day before, was active, driving, socializing and healthy.  Since the ER staff had an accurate picture of Connie because of our input, they reacted quickly.  Thankfully, three years later, Connie is alive and well and residing in a beautiful assisted living facility near her son.

Distance Support for Elderly

Case Study: Sam and Jan

Sam lives in New Hampshire. He is the power of attorney of Jan who resides in Philadelphia. We were first contacted by Sam when, in talking to Jan on the phone, realized that Jan was having difficulty managing her bills and household paperwork.

Sam contacted us and requested that we meet Jan. When we met, we quickly realized that she needed help. Her paperwork was scattered in piles all around the house. In addition, her aide indicated that Jan could really use some care management as well.

We gathered more than 4 trash bags filled of a wide array of paperwork. Some was important, most was not. But, we had to go through every piece of paper to determine what was critical to address immediately. After doing this, we organized all of her bills.

We created a list of bills that needed to be paid with their due dates and balances, a list of all of the life insurance policies and investments that we found. We provided this to Sam so that we both had a summary of her assets and liabilities. One critical issues we identified was that she had allowed her home and auto insurance to lapse. She also had a number of expired checks she never cashed. We arranged to get the house and cars covered and all checks reissued.

Unfortunately, no sooner did we get the bills under control, Jan was diagnosed with Covid and admitted to a hospital and subsequently to a nursing home and hospice. Through this process, we continued to:

  • monitor the house,
  • pick up mail,
  • scan all bills that we received
  • and email them to Sam so that he could pay them.

When we knew she was not going to be able to come home, we made sure that the refrigerator was empty and that there was no open food to draw bugs or rodents. We continued to get the mail which had to be closely monitored because the mailman was inconsistent about where he left the mail.

We worked with Sam to find the titles for the cars that she owned. We spent time digging further for more paperwork as Sam realized what he was missing. When Sam canceled Jan’s Verizon service, we collected all of the equipment that had to be returned to the local Verizon store and provided all receipts for Sam’s records.

When it became apparent that Jan was going to pass away, we did research on what church and cemetery Jan wished to use. We contacted both to let them know about Jan‘s condition and provided the information they needed.

At this time, we continue to work with Sam on the estate. We will work to package and ship items to different family members, clean out the house, transfer utilities, transfer cars, and handle paperwork that needs to be done locally.

After you left today, I realized that it was important for you to know that of all my wonderful angels on earth that surround me, you are at the top of the ladder (to get into heaven, of course). Tracey, I can’t tell you how important you have been to me. The icing on the cake is that you are caring and so easy to work with. I tell everyone about you and hopefully you will reap the benefits of your goodness. Thanks for all you do!

Marci Thomas, Maple Glen, PA

Healthcare and Household Management

Case Study: Ron, A Gentleman with Advance Parkinsons Disease

Ron was a single gentleman with advanced Parkinson’s Disease. He lived on his own but had a very supportive family who wanted their brother to age in place.

However, with all family members working, they needed someone in place to manage his care, medical appointments, medications, medical insurance, household related issues, and bill paying.

We provided care management and supported Ron by taking him to doctor’s appointments, physical therapy, Stay Fit exercise classes at Arcadia University, acupuncture appointments, and to the ER when necessary. We kept the family updated with pertinent medical information. We paid all of his bills and managed insurance issues. We also managed the health care aides that took care of his daily needs. We then assisted Ron’s family when he passed away. We helped his family with all of the details of working through his estate and selling his home.

Downsizing Assistance and Household Organization in New Senior Apartment

Case Study:  Helen

Helen has years of memories and items to sort through for her move to a senior apartment.

Helen is a 70 year old woman who lives independently and has medical issues.  Helen, like many of us,  has trouble letting go of items and has years of mementos, clothing, kitchen items, etc. to sort through so that she can move to a great senior subsidized apartment. 

We worked with Helen to sort through her items, arranged donations and helped Helen pack up what she was keeping for the move.  Helen was so pleased with the support we provided and is now happily living in her new apartment!

Tracey and her crew have been such a help to me over the last several years. She has always been available and exhibits a cheerful and positive attitude.

She arranged for my mother’s move into an assisted living facility and took care of every detail! She does it all with such efficiency, competence and warmth! I’m so lucky to have found her.

Christine W., North Carolina

Geriatric Care Manager and More

Case Study:  Louise, 83, Knee Replacement Surgery Patient

Louise needed knee replacement surgery and was hesitant. Having someone else take care of all the pre and post-surgery details allowed her to have an easier recovery.

Louise was 83 and terrified when she needed knee replacement surgery. Despite having undergone knee replacement surgery five years prior on the other knee, she realized that she was older now and that the recovery would be more difficult. Louise engaged our services with a geriatric care manager to take her to the doctors and to make sure she had all the prescribed testing performed so that she was ready for her surgery date.

After her surgery, we helped her continue to keep her spirits up by bringing groceries from Whole Foods that she was used to eating: fresh fruit, organic whole grain cereal, whole grain crackers, dark chocolate, etc. She continued to utilize our services upon her return home to engage the services she needed to further her rehabilitation: physical therapy sessions, home health aides, home management, and errand running to name a few.

Health Insurance Management

Case Study:  Julie

Julie is a busy wife and mother who cares for multiple family members with serious health issues. Being able to hand the insurance paperwork off to someone else allows her to focus on her family.

Julie is a very busy mother of three.  She works full-time and is married to a businessman who has a very erratic schedule.  She also deals with serious health issues for multiple family members which require many insurance claims to be filed.  We file all her insurance claims, process her EOBs, record all medical expenses and make sure she is ready for tax time each year with all of the medical expense she incurs.

Daily Life and Healthcare Management

Case Study: Lauren, Independant with Assistance as Needed

Lauren is an independent, older woman who doesn’t need a companion or home care assistance. She is able to get assistance only when she needs it.

Lauren is a 78 year old woman living independently who does not have family locally that she can call upon for assistance. Lauren is very active with her volunteer work. Lauren uses our services whenever she needs assistance with something she cannot do herself.

Lauren has us run errands to stores that are too far for her to drive to alone. She uses our services to assist with any technology issues that she may encounter: setting up a new TV, microwave, or phone, fixing the computer or changing the printer cartridges.  She used our services to reorganize her kitchen cabinets to make it easier to reach items that she needs every day.  She also enlisted us to manage insurance paperwork when she because too ill to do it herself. To this day, Lauren prides herself on her independence but is not afraid to enlist our assistance when she needs it.

Paperwork Management

Case Study: John & Mary

John and Mary are an independent older couple who need assistance with life and paperwork management.

John & Mary are an amazing couple who are both 93 years old. They continue to live independently with the assistance of an aide during the day.

John & Mary realized a couple of years ago that they were having trouble managing their daily paperwork, paying bills, knowing when a notice was truly a notice and not a solicitation that they could ignore and making phone calls to credit card and insurance companies.  We met with John & Mary anytime they need us to review their paperwork, make sure bills are paid, make phone calls and reconcile their checkbook.

Life and Healthcare Management
and Much More

Case Study: Marci, Recurrent Cancer Patient

Marci was battling a recurrence of cancer. Not having to deal with the details of life or have her grown children take care of them allowed her to focus on her treatment. She was also able to preserve her motherly relationship with her three sons rather than have them become her caretakers.

Marci was divorced and lived alone. She had three sons that she was very close to. When Marci was diagnosed with a recurrence of breast cancer, she decided to hire a life manager. She wanted to make sure that her children did not have to deal with the details of her life and her treatments on top of their responsibilities (e.g. jobs, wives, children).  She wanted to preserve her mother/son relationship with all three of her sons.

We provided geriatric care management and supported Marci by taking her to doctor’s appointments, helping her review doctor’s notes and recommendations, making follow-up calls, scheduling new appointments and keeping the family updated with pertinent medical information and upcoming appointments.  We helped her pay her bills and sort out insurance issues. We helped her shop and arranged for someone to clean her condo. We took her beloved dog to the vet and groomer and made sure Carly always had food available. When extra care was required, we conducted interviews to find the right personal care assistants for her mental and physical well-being.

We assisted Marci’s children when Marci passed away in October of 2011. We helped her family empty her condo by packing everything the family wanted to keep, arranging for donations and cleaning out everything else so that the condo could be placed on the market.

Distance Support with Downsizing

Case Study: Ann, Moving to Assisted Living

Ann was living independently until a stroke caused her to move to assisted living. Her daughter lives far away and was not able to supervise the details of the move.

Ann’s daughter lives in North Carolina and was not able to be here to supervise the daily work of the move.  We emptied the townhouse by packing everything Ann wanted to keep and moving it to a storage facility, arranged for donations and cleaned out everything else so that the townhouse could be placed on the market. 

We worked closely with Ann’s daughter in North Carolina by taking pictures of items, emailing and talking on the phone.  When Ann was ready to move to assisted living, we took everything out of storage and set up her room to make her feel comfortable and at home.

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