Reava’s New Room

Imagine being 99 years old with no family support and having to move.

Our Reava was unfortunate enough to be a resident in an assisted living community that was closing. She was at a loss as to how to make this happen.

We worked with Reava to find a new community, helped her pack her belongings, moved her to the new community, and these picture show the end result. She was thrilled! 

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Gloria Dei

The resident of this apartment was also a resident of an assisted living community that was closing. Her family took the opportunity to transition her from assisted living to memory care at Gloria Dei. We worked to set up her new apartment very similar to her old apartment so that she immediately felt comfortable with the change. 

Assisted Living Apartment

When moving a senior, you have to plan carefully. Any disruption to their lives takes a toll on them. This client was moving from her independent living, 2 bedroom apartment to a studio apartment in the Assisted Living area of the same community. We planned accordingly and moved her from one to the other in the same day. At the end of the day, she was completely set up in her new apartment. No boxes for her to address. Everything unpacked and put away!

Downsizing and Decluttering

For this project, we were working to establish some order in a home that was out of control due to the resident dealing with Parkinson’s Disease. The client really struggled with staying on top of things. We worked with the client to cleanup, establish some order, then identify what was moving to the new apartment! 

Challenging Downsizing Project

This was one of our most challenging clients to date. This client was moving from a home to a senior apartment. So, she was limited on what she could take with her. In addition, she had a fire in her home some years back and never unpacked and recovered from the fire. So she had numerous rooms that were packed with bags and boxes for a number of years. We needed to help her go through all of her precious items, pick what could go to her apartment, help her sell/donate/discard anything that could not go with her, and get her home clean for going on the market. This particular job required dumpsters, haulers, auctioneers, consignment shops, and cleaners all wrapped with a very gentle touch. 

Senior Apartment Cleanup

For many, as we age or if we become ill, it is an overwhelming task to keep up with our homes on top of everything else. This senior gentleman had some hoarding tendencies to start. When he became ill, his apartment (which was small to begin with) became cluttered with clothing, outdated paperwork, empty boxes, trash, and dirty dishes. We helped our client get out from under the mess that surrounded him while finding inexpensive ways for him to preserve some of his “treasures.”

Decluttering from Illness

Someone who has dealt with a serious illness and has watched their living space get very jumbled can relate to this project. This client was dealing with a surgery that left little time and energy for keeping up around the house. We worked hard to get the house back in order so that the client could focus on the truly important issue – healing! 

Do you or your loved ones need help Transitioning, Downsizing, and/or Decluttering?

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