Health Care Navigation

Have you often heard of a friend or loved one who has experienced difficulty navigating the healthcare system?

Perhaps, you have experienced this yourself.

As a patient, we come into contact with many different doctors, nurses, health systems, and other ancillary providers. The patient or family then has to deal with the incoming medical bills, insurance companies and billing departments.

We take care of the paperwork while you concentrate on healing.

I wanted to thank you for all that you did for my mom – you were very special to her.

On a personal note, I want to thank you for all of the support and help. I am not sure that I could have gotten through all of the things with my mom without all of your help.

D.M., Houston, TX

We provide services that help people navigate the modern day healthcare maze:

  • Serve as Liaison and Advocate on your Behalf with Healthcare Providers, Insurers and Facilities
  • Coordination of Insurance, Hospital, and Scheduling Issues Related to Surgical Procedures
  • Help Consult with Medical Providers to Support and Document any Medical Conditions
  • Attend Medical Appointment and Record Pertinent Medical Information to be Shared with People of your Choice
  • Help to Maintain Household While You Recover from an Illness or Surgical Procedure
  • Management of Medical History
  • Documentation of Medication Usage
  • Pick up or Drop off of Prescriptions
  • Obtain Post-Operative Medical Devices (walkers, garments, compressions)
  • Coordinate Companions, “In Home Care” or Private Duty Nurse to Distribute Medication, Help with Bathing or Dressing
  • Serve as a Liaison for a Client’s Family with In-Home Support Services
  • Arrange Travel for Follow Up Visits to the Doctors
  • Keep Family and Friends Informed About Medical Issues if Desired
  • Ensure Refrigerator is Stocked Upon your Return from the Hospital or Rehabilitation Center

    Could you or your loved ones benefit from our help?

    Please contact us to see how we can make life more manageable and stress free!