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Bill Paying Assistance & Paperwork Management

My Husband became very ill 8 years ago… We were so lucky to have just met Tracey… she helped with our business and our taxes and most important our emotions… she helped us through many months of a very difficult time… with advice and happy times too…as my husband got better.

Later with many computer problems!!!!!! She also was able to get us on the right web site to get the Covid shot early on… Now we are 85 and we are fortunate to have her to guide us through the next many ( Hopefully) years…!!!

Anne F., Blue Bell, PA

Life Care

After you left today, I realized that it was important for you to know that of all my wonderful angels on earth that surround me, you are at the top of the ladder (to get into heaven, of course). Tracey, I can’t tell you how important you have been to me. The icing on the cake is that you are caring and so easy to work with. I tell everyone about you and hopefully you will reap the benefits of your goodness. Thanks for all you do!

Marci Thomas, Maple Glen, PA

I don’t know why anyone would ever need a Smart Phone when they can just hire you to keep them organized instead!

Bruce D., Elkins Park, PA

Tracey brings patience, efficiency, and good humor to whatever task comes along. She is the best personal assistant anyone could ask for. It gives me peace of mind knowing Tracey is there for me. She is awesome.

Ann S., Bryn Mawr, PA

As a provider of services to the elderly, we utilize Tracey’s services to provide services to our clients. Tracey visits our clients, handles their errands, pays their bills, and follows up on issues that may arise for the clients. She  is dependable, responsible, and responsive to the needs of our clients. We would highly recommend her services.

Bobbi Diamondstein & Susan Weiss-Cedillos

AgeWise Family Services, Dresher, PA, www.AgeWiseFamilyServices.com

Tracey personally assisted my mom throughout her battle with cancer. She supported my mom by taking her to doctor’s appointments, helping her review doctor’s notes and recommendations, making follow-up calls,  scheduling new appointments, and keeping the family updated with pertinent medical information and upcoming appointments.

Tracey also organized my mom’s files, paid bills, sorted out insurance issues, set up her weekly pills, and helped her with weekly food shopping.

My mom’s dog was extremely important to her. Whenever my mom went into the hospital, Tracey took care of her by walking and feeding her, getting her groomed, taking her to the veterinarian, and treating her as if she were her own pet.

When my mom required extra care in her home, Tracey helped her set up and conduct interviews to find the right personal care assistants for her mental and physical well-being. Together, they were able to find a few outstanding assistants who supported and cared for my mom like family.

As the cancer progressed and mom moved into hospice, Tracey was there to support us through the difficult process of coping with a dying parent. During the last two weeks of my mom’s life, Tracey was present to lend support as a professional, but more importantly, a friend.

To this day we consider Tracey Miles a friend of our family and someone whose services we would highly recommend.

Jason and Adina Thomas, Souderton, PA

I don’t know what I would have done without Tracey in the past few years. She is an amazingly capable person with diverse skills who can “plug” most of the holes for you in your personal life, caring for elderly parents, businesses, work with non-profits, and more. I have trusted her with amazingly confidential information, and she has helped bring order back into our lives, working with our insurance companies, reorganizing clutter in our house, financial analysis in my business, and more.

Julia Wagner, North Wales, PA

My family and I were overwhelmed in trying to find my mentally ill sister a place to live. A friend suggested that I contact Tracey Miles and I am I glad I did. Tracey Miles was able to cut through the red tape of various social service organizations and administrations. She was great at following up with each organization to obtain the valuable information that we needed in order to proceed. I highly recommend her.

Teresa Shean, New York City

Health Care Navigation

With my recent foot surgery, I wasn’t sure how I was going to manage to take care of common household tasks like grocery shopping, cleaning, and watering the plants. Thankfully, I found Tracey’s ad in a cafe. I would never have been able to function without her help. If she couldn’t help me with something she found someone who could. She’s extremely efficient, flexible, friendly, and caring. I would recommend her highly to anyone who needs a personal assistant.

Robbin I., Ambler, PA

I wanted to thank you for all that you did for my mom – you were very special to her. On a personal note, I want to thank you for all of the support and help. I am not sure that I could have gotten through all of the things with my mom without all of your help.

D.M., Houston, TX

I gladly recommend Tracey Miles and her service, Just 2 Much 2 Do. I am in the 15th month of an unexpected illness and have been home-bound for much of that time. For over a year, I have called upon Tracey to shop for me, pick up pharmacy medications, send packages from the post office, search for information and items I need, take responsibility for my insurance problems and communications, assist with my home organization and offer  to help with miscellaneous problems from banking to finding holiday presents. When she was not able or free to help with a request, she recommended other people in the community to me.

Tracey’s services could be requested in advance but could also be secured on an ad hoc basis as her schedule permitted. She was easily reached by phone and email, responding quickly. Her manner is pleasant and her intelligence in offering possible solutions to problems is appreciated. As she grew to know my needs, she would check with me with questions such as, did I need an earlier food order because a snowstorm was predicted, etc.

I recommend her with enthusiasm.

Kathleen M., Ambler, PA

Transition Support

I was in the process of putting my house up for sale and had “just 2 much 2 do”! Tracey came over to help me get organized. She helped me sort through my “stuff” keeping me focused on what I was doing as well as giving me great ideas for staging the home to look open, roomy, and inviting. It looks so great, I could stay in it! Her suggestions were really very helpful! The closets look spacious and the rooms have “just enough” furniture and only a few very important personal pictures (my grandkids)!

Toni Lochetto, Ambler, PA

We could never have done it without you and your staff. Thank you for being so nice, so professional and so understanding and patient with us during our move. You made all of us look great.

Peggy and David C., Blue Bell, PA

On downsizing: Everything went great! Tom and John were fantastic. Thank you for everything. This is a wonderful business you have. Highly recommend your services. Thanks for taking the heavy burden off my shoulders.

Maureen H., Jenkintown

Tracey and her crew have been such a help to me over the last several years. She has always been available and exhibits a cheerful and positive attitude. She arranged for my mother’s move into an assisted living facility and took care of every detail! She does it all with such efficiency, competence and warmth! I’m so lucky to have found her.

Christine W., North Carolina

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