Who We Work With


Life becomes more complicated as we age. People are living longer every year. As we age, we all need more & more help. The help we each require varies.

Some people remain mentally sharp but need help with the more physical activities such as grocery shopping and various household tasks. Others are quite capable of performing their activities of daily living but need help with their paperwork and bill paying.

Whether the solution involves in-home assistance, recreational activities, a senior community, or a nursing home, we can help. 

Let us simplify the process and navigate the system. Trust us to assist in making difficult decisions.

How can we help:

  • Bill Paying Assistance & Paperwork Management
  • Life Care
  • Health Care Navigation
  • Fudiciary Services
  • Transition Support


At Just 2 Much 2 Do, our associates are often the hub for our clients to ensure financial obligations are met, tasks are completed and other members of the financial team are kept informed.


We work with accountants, attorneys, insurance agents, financial advisors, guardians, trustees, health care providers, and care managers to assist our clients with managing their day-to-day needs.


We do not serve as accountants, financial advisors, or attorneys. We rely on these professionals to do what they do best, while we serve as in a variety of roles such as Care Manager, Power of Attorney, Guardian or Executor for our clients.

As a provider of services to the elderly, we utilize Tracey’s services to provide services to our clients. Tracey visits our clients, handles their errands, pays their bills, and follows up on issues that may arise for the clients. She  is dependable, responsible, and responsive to the needs of our clients. We would highly recommend her services.

Bobbi Diamondstein & Susan Weiss-Cedillos

AgeWise Family Services, Dresher, PA, www.AgeWiseFamilyServices.com

We work very closely with other professionals to carry out our duties. For example:

  • Accountants receive organized and relevant tax receipts or documents in order to make sure clients get all the deductions they are entitled to and to make the accountant’s job easier.
  • Attorneys are kept informed of any life changes critical to our client.
  • Insurance agents are updated on any changes to property holdings or changes that might impact the beneficiary, and insurance premiums are paid by their due date so policies do not lapse.
  • Financial advisors are in sync with the client’s daily finances for efficient long-term planning.
  • Guardians and trustees have the benefit of an independent third-party monitoring accounts, processing payments, and preparing financial reports for the necessary filings.
  • Healthcare providers are provided with accurate health information.


Long-term care is the care you need if you can’t perform daily activities on your own. Family members usually provide long-term care to start, but as a needs escalate, paid care may become necessary.

At times, care requirements reach a level where supportive housing is needed such as independent living, personal care, adult day care, or a skilled nursing facility. We can help explain and navigate the choices you have.

Then, even though housing may be addressed, there are still tasks to be performed by the family:

  • Bill Paying Assistance & Paperwork Management
  • Health Care Navigation
  • Fudiciary Services
  • Transition Support between home, assisted living, and skilled nursing.
  • Decluttering (yes clutter still accumulates)

Could you or your loved ones benefit from our help?

Please contact us to see how we can make life more manageable and stress free!