Senior Apartment Cleanup


A shot of the client’s room.

This is another corner of the client’s room.

Another shot of his cluttered table.

A shot of his cluttered hallway.

More clothing, Christmas decorations, papers, etc. are piled in other parts of the room.

His hallway to the door of the room is almost inaccessible.

His table is piled with papers, paperwork, trash, etc.

Our Senior cannot use his bed. He has clothing in huge piles all over the room.


Client likes DVDs and has so many in his tiny efficiency that we had to resort to boxing up some items until he had time to decide what he could part with on his own.

A view of his neater room.

His chair is no longer surrounded by piles.

His kitchen is clean.

His bed is accessible.

His table is now cleared with some small piles that he wants to work on.

Hallway closet is now organized.

Bathroom is now clean.