Earlier this month, I had the honor of attending the MontCo Lyme Light Fashion Show for Lyme Disease at Montgomery County Community College. It was an amazing demonstration of families coming together to raise awareness & money to fight this controversial & devastating disease. During the fundraiser, I had the opportunity to speak with Amy Tiehel who runs the Delco Lyme Support Group (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Delco-Lyme-Support-Group/146910455339935?ref=tn_tnmn).

Amy is amazing. Amy was very successful in her career when she developed Lyme Disease. While we were at the fundraiser, Amy shared details of how sick she became because of how difficult it was for her to be diagnosed quickly and correctly. She graciously offered to share her blog with me.

Although her blog was written as a result of Amy’s battle with Lyme Disease, this blog is an excellent picture of what it is like to be a patient of any chronic disease. Her discussion of how various aspects of her life were impacted is a must read for anyone supporting a loved one battling a chronic disease regardless of what it may be. I know I can personally relate this to loved ones fighting cancer, kidney disease, MS and even depression and anxiety. Here is the link to her blog. Please share this valuable information with others:


Thank you Amy for sharing this with me!