On Tuesday, I was visiting an elderly client at an assisted living facility. Since I visit her frequently, I have become friendly with other residents living there. One of the women that I have made friends with, Gertrude, began talking yesterday about her love of knitting. I know that she is a long-time knitter. I am always asking what her current project is. She is part of a group that knits hats and blankets for babies and sick children. These gorgeous creations are donated to local hospitals. Yesterday, I learned something new about Gertrude. Gertrude will soon celebrate her 98th birthday – AMAZING! What is even more AMAZING is the fact that Gertrude has been knitting since she was 8 years old. She has been knitting for 90 years. Imagine all of the gorgeous creations that she has made, gifted, and donated over the years!

So last night, I was relaxing reading Woman’s Day. In the April 2012 edition, they include a small article on “Who’s Happiest?”. Number four on the list of five is “people who enjoy creative pastimes.” It made me stop and wonder how much Gertrude’s life-long love of knitting has contributed to her happiness regardless of where she is. Also, how much has this contributed to her soon celebrating her 98th birthday!

I think this speaks volumes for doing something you love in your life regardless of whether it is a hobby or your job!