When I am visiting many of my clients in nursing homes and assisted living facilities, I notice that they often have an old canvas bag tied around their walker or one of those wireframe baskets attached to the front. The canvas bags are not made for the walker. They are not easy to get on and off. The wireframe baskets make the walkers even more cumbersome because of the way they hang off the front of the walker. The baskets make it difficult to get the walker in and out of cars and other tight spaces.

Recently, I came across a great item that can be purchased for the walker, a Keepabouts bag! A Keepabouts bag is a portable carry bag that enables older adults to transport items with form, function and style.  They are made completely in the USA with cotton quilted fabric. They can easily be attached and removed from the walker. They can be removed from the walker and used as a stylish shoulder bag when the walker is not needed. They can be used by older adults who use walkers daily or rehab patients who may only need the walkers for a short time.

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In talking with the owner, Marjorie, I learned that she is working on another bag that will fit hospital bedrails. I can’t wait to see this since it will be perfect for my mother who has extremely limited mobility in bed!

Check out these great bags for your loved ones!