Just as many people do, I too struggle with the issue of creating unique passwords that I will remember but hackers cannot guess without substantial effort. I also struggle with the different rules that exist from website to website & application to application. And when I receive a message that tells me that I can never repeat a password that I used for that website or application in the past, I reach the point where I want to throw my laptop trough the window! Since that is not an option, I then take a deep breath and pick something totally off the wall which I cannot remember the next time I go to login!

What made passwords easier to manage is when a friend suggested that I use a formula for creating my passwords. This has helped a great deal. I also record many of my passwords in a spreadsheet that I keep on a flash drive that I keep safely hidden. This spreadsheet is not stored on my laptop. I reference this password list when I cannot remember some unique password that does not comply with my typical password formula and promptly hide the flash drive when I am finished.

Over the weekend, I came across a great article in Woman’s Day called “Foolproof Passwords.” It is definitely worth reading. To read it click here.